Digital Transformations: an Agile approach – Part one

So, you want to perform a Digital Transformation?

This is, today, the most common and most risky type of transformation, post-pandemic, at an enterprise level.

Digital Transformations are always changing, complex beasts, but they have a couple of things that stay the same and allow us to group them together:

· They focus on moving from a location and paper approach to a digital remote one.

· Usually, we do them via a shift of methodology. Depending on the Enterprise itself to adopt a new methodology or to adopt a methodology. This results in changes at a cultural, organizational, and work stream level.

· The primary goal of most Digital Transformations is better client satisfaction, greater innovation, or a clear focus on efficiency.

Having defined a Digital Transformation, I will do an overview of what are the best practices and approaches.

This will be, of course, my experience and opinions.

I will first divide the Digital Transformation in four arbitrary phases, which I call A.I.M.S., which means:

· Aiming: The phase in which we plot our way through the Transformation itself and we align expectations and goals.

· Inoculate: we go hard-for-broke with a skilled team, to build the beginning of the Transformation and gather momentum with a series of pilots and proof of concepts.

· Measure: when we make sure that what we’re doing is having the desired effect or we correct it.

· Scale!: when we have found the correct list of recipes, and how to measure them, it’s time to deploy them Enterprise-wide.

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I’ll be covering the first phase next (Aiming), but what do you think? Does this sequence of phases, the A.I.M.S., make sense?

Please comment on and thank you!

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