What I’m doing on Friday 09/15/2017

So this is what I’m doing today:

  • Working on: This page, actually. I bought this great template and I’m trying to customize it into a nice page.
  • Reading: Rereading Search Inside Yourself. A great book on how they structure Mindfulness at Google. Half case study, half manual; all great!
  • Watching: just finished Un Gallo para Esculapio. If you want to see a series as well made as Narcos, but Argentine made, you can’t go wrong.
  • Listening: Blue & Lonesome by the Rolling Stones. Just when you thought that they couldn’t rock you this hard, the Stones come out with this. Yeah, I know, I’m behind the times; today’s Foo Fighter’s new record…but I’ll probably listen to it next week.