About Me


My name is Federico Adino; about twenty years back, when I started working in corporations, I felt tired, stressed out and to be honest, a little bit concerned about the direction my life was taking. Long story short: I was alienated from my job.

Jump ahead twenty years, to the present and I’ve never felt so creative and engaged in my work; my day to day is never a routine and I’m happily doing a range of work that I never thought it was possible to do?

What changed?

Myself, of course.

The best change was, I started weaving my interests and my passions around my job and my day to day. I started doing meditation, as a way to cope with stress. This led me to start an academic career in Buddhology and to become a Buddhist. Today, I’m Argentina’s resident teacher at the Palden Sakya Tibetan Buddhist Tradition.

So I started to meditate in work and teach people how to. Trying to find a more secular way to teach, I trained in Mindfulness; but the conceptual framework wasn’t sturdy enough for my tastes. So I did a Masters in Psychoanalysis, some clinical training and with friends we created Ganapati Urban Meditation.

At work, I started with Agile Methodology learning through being a developer, after a Scrum Master, Product Owner and finally an Agile Coach. I worked on my soft skills by becoming a Storyteller and now I work as the global leader @IBM of that practice.

It sure is the furthest from a straight path;  but I’ve become tolerably adept at weaving it. I call this weave Culture Crafting. It is an art, not yet a science. And like any art, is very subjective and hard to learn. But, I must confess…I wouldn’t have any other way of working but one where the challenges keep coming and boredom is banished.

I trust you will enjoy this approach as well.