What I’m doing on Friday 09/22/2017

So this is what I’m doing today:

  • Working on: #M6D .It will be Huge. HUUUUUGE. More news next week.
  • Reading: The Memory Ilussion by Julia Shaw. On how remembering and forgetting works…great book for a Storyteller
  • Watching: Getting ready to watch Baby Driver with my kids. I’ve seen it on my own…soooo stylish it hurts.
  • Listening: I did listen to Foo Fighter’s new record…and while it’s a great record, and very true to the rock and roll root of FF, I have been coming back to Run the Jewels. Difficult to quote any verse in a public post, but probably one of my favorites is:

What more can I say? We top billin’ it
Valiant without villainy
Viciously foul victory
Burn towns and villages
Burning looting and pillaging


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